What superhero are you?

Have you ever asked yourself, which superhero would you be and why? With all the superhero movies that we have available now and many more to come out in the nearest future, this thought surely crossed your mind. You don’t need to wonder anymore because we found the coolest test for you! Have fun but remember that with great power comes great responsibility! To take “Which superhero are you” test simply click here.

Which superhero is the best?

Many fans had numerous heated arguments about the answer to this question and there doesn’t seem to be a unified solution. Or is there?… Students of the University of Leicester conducted seven-year scientific research to answer this exact question. They concluded that Superman is the best superhero of all times as he is “best-equipped” thanks to his “Super Flare” attack and his high-density muscle tissue. So now you know, which superhero is the strongest according to science.

When is a superhero day?

Did you know that there is a national superhero day? It is on the 28th of April. National Superhero Day was created in 1995 by Marvel Comics employees.

Which superhero can fly?

If only humans could fly! Some can … but they are fictional humans…and well fictional humans with superpowers… So here are the top 10 superheroes that can fly: Superman, Thor, Green Lantern, Storm, Silver Surfer, Martian Manhunter, Rogue, Shazam!, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel. 

By the way if while reading this you started singing in your head: “superhero learns to fly…”, we totally get you as this song is super catchy. Have a listen to it again while you are surfing with us.

Which superhero can time travel?

Surely at least once you wished you could go back in time and change some events or have a peek in the future. We found for you Top 10 superheroes that can time travel: Cable, Booster Gold, the Flash, Iron Lad, Green Lantern, Bishop, Waverider, Deathlok, Doctor Strange, and Bill and Ted.

Which superhero is without powers?

The answer to this question is pretty obvious to probably all the superheroes fans – it is Batman, one of the most famous superheroes, also known as the Dark Knight. But are there others? Some superheroes fight their enemies with help of physical training and some special items or costumes, such as Iron Man and his suit, Hawkeye and his bow, Green Arrow and his … arrows, Green Lantern and his ring, and of course the Punisher, among others.

Are there superheroes without a costume?

Believe it or not but not all superheroes are those with a cape. Some of them prefer a rather casual style, for example: the Punisher, Professor X, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Phantom Stranger, Ghost Rider, and the Hulk.

Which superhero is without a mask?

Masks are not that comfortable to wear, are they? One can’t see well, sometimes it’s hard to breathe and just the fact of having something on your face might be a bit annoying. For a superhero, it might be although better to keep their real identity a secret. However, there are some superheroes who dislike masks just like many of us. Some examples are Superman, Wonder Woman, Invisible Woman, Nick Fury, Jessica Jones, and Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.