Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the name of several superheroes in Marvel Comics. The original bearer of the name “Captain Marvel” is Mar-Vell (alias Walter Lowson), an alien military officer who is sent to observe the planet Earth and eventually he protects Earth from all threats. The second Captain Marvel is Monica Rambeau, also known as Photon, Pulsar and Spectrum. She gained superpowers after being bombarded by extradimensional energy.  The third Captain Marvel is Genis-Vell, also known as Legacy and Photon. He is the son of Mar-Well. The fourth Captain Marvel is Phyla-Vell, also known as Qasar and Martyr. She is the sister of Genis-Vell. The fifth Captain Marvel is Khn’nr, a former Skrull sleeper agent. The shapeshifting Khn’nr was bonded with DNA of Mar-Vell to lock his body into Mar-Vell’s form but the Mar-Vell’s persona became dominant and he decides to fight against Skrulls. The sixth Captain Marvel is Noh-Varr, also known as Marvel Boy. Eventually he becomes a Protector in the main Avengers team. The seventh Captain America is Carol Danvers, also known as Ms. Marvel, Binary and Warbird. She first appeared as an office in US Air Force and a colleague of Mar-Vell.  After her DNA was fused with Mar-Vell’s during an explosion, she gained superhuman powers. Later she became associated with the Avengers and the X-Men and is considered as the most notable and powerful female superheroes. 

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